How to help your kids manage mobile tech

Mar 25, 2020

When kids are out of school, they have more free time and you have more family time to play outside and breathe fresh beautiful air and OH WAIT… your kids have mobile devices! Extended breaks may not look like that anymore at your house. Extended time at home may look like kids sitting in a corner with faces down swiping, clicking, and tapping?

This month’s Online Parenting Class is here to help you take back this time! This month’s topic is “How to Help Your Kids Manage Mobile Tech.” It is a virtual picnic basket full of great helpful hints and thoughts to get you ready for time at home with your kids!

I know how hard parenting can be at moments. Even if there are 2 of you doing it together, it is often not easy to navigate these years with your children. We know it is even more difficult to do this parenting life if it is just you.

I would like to let you know you are not alone as an individual or as a couple. New Day is here for you. We want to support you, pray for you, and be available to back you up. We also are a community; there are other parents around you doing the same things you are doing. They are having the same conversations you are having at home. The biggest lie Satan can whisper in your ear as a parent is that you or your family is the only one struggling. You are not. Satan wants to attack parents because you are the first and last line of discipleship in the life of your family.

You can do it. Stay strong not by yourself, with our ministry, church, and the community of God’s people around you!

Get together with a small group of people to talk about this with another parent you admire, call them, or video chat with them. I recognize the irony of this, but it is so important that we stay connected with each other while we are practicing social distancing.

I want to give you back some control when it comes to cellphones, tablets, and rest. I want you to leverage this time for good. Think about these helpful hints and put some of these ideas in place now because it will only get harder to do it later.

Here is this month’s Online Parenting Class on “Helping Your Kids Manage Mobile Tech.” We hope it helps and encourages you!

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