It’s very common for children to experience varying levels of anxiety. During preschool, children are afraid of all kinds of things, but typically lack the cognitive skills to fear the abstract (failure, rejection, etc.), and instead worry about concrete things like dogs, noises, and the weather. Up until about eight years old, many causes of anxiety carry over from preschool—with a focus on specific, identifiable events like new situations, animals, the dark, loud noises, etc. But as a child develops, the source of their anxiety becomes more abstract. As they grow more self-aware (beginning around second to third grade), their anxieties become more socially-influenced. They worry about friends, acceptance, the future, and new challenges at school.

Please continue reading one of both of the below articles to prepare to talk with your children about anxiety.

Anxiety Conversation Guide for parents of preschoolers 

Anxiety Conversation Guide for parents of elementary school

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