Due to COVID-19 and the recommendation of our elected officials, we will be livestreaming our church services instead of meeting on-premises.

Updated 3/18/2020

Church livestream update (March 18)

We have a page dedicated to COVID-19 information, along with helpful links.

If you would like more information about joining a small group in your area, contact Pastor Abdiel.


Dear New Day Friends,  

Our elders are meeting Wednesday morning to make decisions about future gatherings at New Day. I will communicate with you later Wednesday or Thursday regarding those decisions, as soon as all details can be communicated effectively. In the meantime, all planned small group activities will continue as usual under the discretion of the group leader 

I will be suggesting to the elders a plan that complies with state and local mandates and possible strengthening of those mandates, but allows us to continue gathering in a limited capacity. We will have to be creative and flexible! But for several reasons, including the spiritual and psychological needs of every person, as well as our deeply held biblical convictions, we want to avoid a complete shutdown if possible.  

If you didn’t yet listen to my sermon from this weekend, please do so soon by going here. Don’t forget to set an alarm to stop and pray at 10pm each evening for our church and nation. It is powerful to know many of us are praying at the same time! Members will receive a text reminder at 9:55pm every evening for the next two weeks, beginning tonight.  

As challenging as these times are, this may be the best thing that ever happened for the spread of the Gospel. Later this week I will explain how that might happen. Thank you for the prayers! 

In Jesus, 
Pastor Rusty  

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