An in-depth 10-week study led by Scott Carter that will meet Saturday afternoons at 3:45PM and Sunday mornings at 9:15AM beginning August 13-14.

In this study, we will zoom in to focus on the human family. There’s nothing more important for the proper understanding of history than understanding what has happened to man. In this study of Genesis 2 and 3, we will find the secret of man’s sinfulness, that terrible mystery of evil and darkness which continually confronts us in this modern world. We will study the relationships of the sexes, the proper place of man and woman in marriage, and the solution to the problem of mounting divorce rates and other marital issues that abound in modern society. Here, also, is the explanation for the struggle of life and great light is thrown on the problems of work and leisure. This section is the first and most fundamental revelation of the meaning of divine redemption and grace, and here the essential groundwork is laid for the understanding of the cross of Jesus Christ.
Join us, spots are limited.