In Christ Alone

Aug 15, 2021

Speaker: Pastor Sam Pepper

In Christ Alone! Pastor Sam led us through Luke 18:35-43, challenging us to seek our value similar to the blind man in this passage. Although we all are, or will, go through adversities, do we allow them to define our value? Pastor Sam shared, “Your guilt or shame shouldn’t define you. Your mistake shouldn’t define you. Who has a right to label you? Who has a right to determine your value? The One who made you and purchased you – Jesus.” Amen! Often it is easier to stay blind because of our adversities, but they do not define us. We can’t waste the difficulties we are facing, we must endure through adversity, and take advantage of our season. When these challenges arise, we need to keep the gas pedal down, push through, and rejoice in this season, Psalm 118:24.

How do we endure? We pray and never give up. We focus on overcoming adversity, keeping our focus. We give Him Praise. We will endure when we seek Him, not just to carry us through, but we actively pursue Him through our struggles. “Our hope, our strength, come from one Person…Christ alone.”

Luke 18:35-43