The Distant Parent

May 9, 2021

Speaker: Lead Pastor Rusty Russell

Happy Mother’s Day! We love our mothers, and we hope every mother feels honored today. Mother’s Day is difficult for many moms. Maybe you wish you could have children and God hasn’t answered that prayer. Maybe your mother was not easy to love, so this day reminds you of life’s challenges. Maybe you lost a child and this day reminds you of your grief. But perhaps Mother’s Day is most difficult for those of you who have a prodigal child. If you have a son or daughter who isn’t following God, you grieve over and over again. This day reminds you of what you wish you had. As we continue our study of the life of King David, it might encourage moms to know that David, a man after God’s own heart, had a prodigal son. The first verse of today’s text tells us, “the king’s heart longed for Absalom.” Literally, “his mind was on Absalom.” He was thinking about his prodigal son all the time. Parents of prodigals need some hope. Let’s gain insight by observing David’s relationship with his prodigal son.

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